Getting started

Welcome to Oregano! If you didn't already know, it's a tiny Glitch app designed to help you start blogging with as few frills as possible. I'm glad you're here!

To start blogging with Oregano, you'll want a Glitch account.

That will let you remix this app to create a new copy of it on your account, and start your new blog!

🌱 Click to Remix! 🌱

Opening the box

When you remix Oregano, you'll be automatically given a new project name by Glitch, but you can change it or connect your custom domain.

When you remix the app, you'll have access to these features right off the bat:

And it's all yours to hack and play with however you want!

Making it your own

When you're logged in and editing your new copy of Oregano, the first thing you'll want to do is head to oregano.js and edit the site settings. There, you can adjust each of the following:

Then, you can start adding new Markdown files to your pages/ and posts/ folders, and Oregano will start publishing them right away! (I recommend starting with /pages/index.md to customize your home page.)

You can also poke around in css/ where a single CSS file changes how the site looks, and views/, where Pug files inform the site's layout.

Writing anything from anywhere

While Glitch's built-in editor is great, I've added a suite of API features to help you create new posts from wherever you're doing your best writing.

To learn more, check out the API docs!

Building more than a blog

If you want to add more evergreen content to your site that doesn't quite fit in your blog, you can add markdown files to the pages/ folder. You can then access those pages by entering your site's URL, followed by their filename.

For example, this page is getting-started.md, and can be found at https://oregano-blog.glitch.me/getting-started.

What if I find a bug, or have a question?

This is a "for fun" project, so it may take a bit for me to get around to bugs or feature requests.

But, if you run into any trouble or have questions, please feel free to reach out on Twitter. I'm always happy to chat! 👋