About Oregano

Hi! 👋 I'm Tyler, a writer who (up until recently) had a problem with blogging: it was too much.

Let me clarify: blogging platforms, like WordPress or Squarespace, had too many features, all trying to pull me in various directions that I had no interest in. This was annoying specifically because writing is my day job, and I wanted to keep my for-fun writing as simple as possible. All I really wanted was a space to drop words off, and maybe link back to them on Twitter.

In my mind, the ideal blogging platform only needed three features:

  1. Write in markdown
  2. Get full control over my code and content
  3. Post from anywhere (like your phone)

After a year of searching, nothing quite fit the bill, so I decided to make my own.

I'm not a developer, but I'm pretty good at googling, and a few months later here we are: the tiny, simple, feature-less blogging I wanted this whole time. I've been using it on my personal blog for a while now, and it's worked out pretty well for me so far, so I'm sharing it with everyone!

Oregano is a "flat-file" blogging tool, meaning all of your pages and post exists as markdown files in easy-to-access folders on your site. No more futzing around with an interface that you're only using 2% of. If you want to post to your blog, pop a markdown file in /posts, and put more evergreen content in /pages. That's it!

It's powered by Glitch, a simple tool for creating web apps. It uses Express to receive and handle requests (like when someone wants to read a post), and Showdown and Pug to make sure your content gets displayed correctly.

All of the code powering Oregano is designed to be easily documented and as-minimal-as-possible, so there's plenty of room to play around and make it grow with you.

Check out the Getting Started guide to try it out!

If you have questions about Oregano or how it works, please reach out on Twitter!